Transforming the practice of law with intelligent legal research

Topaz Research is transforming the way firms conduct legal research — innovating, informing and integrating intelligence into every step of the process.

Optimizing law firm investment in legal research is imperative to maintaining profitability and overall competitiveness in today's economy.

Topaz Research offers a line of innovative products that help you achieve this through:

Easy, intuitive resource management

Enhance productivity and reduce costs by guiding your researchers toward appropriate resources.

Real-time data, real-time decisions

Our products deliver powerful insight into resource utilization and time — a must-have for negotiating contract renewals and determining resource offerings.

Authentic, efficient collaboration

Our products allow you to manage resources in a collaborative environment where research and notes can easily be shared among users.


Featured Productarrows

Our newest product, Quatrove is setting the bar for request tracking, team collaboration and knowledge sharing at law firms. We like to say, “Quatrove is where intelligent legal research begins.”

Watch our short humorous animation to see how Quatrove can help your law firm attorneys and law librarians.

Getting started is easy

A secure and safe environment

All of our applications run in a secure and safe environment with state-of-the-art security measures to protect your law firm’s data.

Streamlined set-up

Our applications can be quickly deployed without purchasing any additional equipment or servers. Our QuickStart Services streamline set-up for your firm, administrators and users.

Easy to use, intuitive environment

Our applications are intuitively designed for fast adoption. That means they are easy to learn and don't require lengthy user commitment to training or a hefty training treatise.

No IT intervention required

Our applications are developed to give you greater control and the autonomy to self-manage your data and work environment — change view settings, add users and resources, manage client and practice groups — all without involving your IT department.