Manage. Support. Improve.

Quatrove helps your law firm library services manage requests, support clients and improve efficiency, all in one easy to use, incredibly accessible application.

Delivered in a secure, safe online environment, Quatrove is available anytime, anywhere. Attorneys and staff easily submit requests via email ... administrators track, manage and assign requests ... law librarians and researchers easily look up and respond to their assigned requests ... and, at all times, team members collaborate in a shared environment.

Do you wish you had easy to use tools that truly contribute to your productivity and your firm’s success? Then check out how Quatrove makes your job easier and more collaborative.

  • Track research requests
  • Auto create requests from email
  • Automatic client matter validation
  • Built-in integration with Outlook and other email platforms for full-circle communication tracking
  • Real-time metrics for request and time reports
  • Data reporting tools for in-depth analysis of resource management and utilization (both human and library resources) for staffing, budgeting and strategy purposes
  • Smart-structured knowledge management database for easy storage, search and retrieval 
  • Collaboration with offices around the globe

Because it helps you manage requests, support your clients and improve your efficiency, all in one easy-to-use, incredibly accessible application. arrow READ MORE

It’s simple. Quatrove was designed with an understanding of the people who use it and how they work. For starters, we’ve made Quatrove easy to install and easy to manage.

  • Set up is fast and easy. We do all the work in the background so you spend 45 minutes versus days.
  • No waiting on us for changes. You have control through easy set-up menus.
  • We’re secure. Request our data security sheet to find out how we protect your data.
  • And, so much more ... arrowREAD MORE

Always on. Track and manage research requests anytime.

Quatrove delivers an on-demand 24/7, 365 days-a-year environment for tracking and managing all your law firm requests from attorneys and staff.

Always accessible. Promote collaboration around the globe.

No matter where your team resides, they can access Quatrove, find out what research requests are priority-pending, and get started on the business of responding to requests ASAP.

Always available. Store research activity, retrieve easily.

Stop re-inventing the wheel. Quatrove serves a knowledge management hub, storing research activity and findings for easy search and retrieval by client, client matter, subject, tags, and more.