Why we're better - people come first

Control is in your hands

You control everything – Quatrove is designed for easy customization, making it an agile tool that changes as your needs do.

  • Easily adapt prepopulated email templates to currently used formats for seamless implementation and uniformity for your users
  • Customize view settings to meet internal requirements, such as blocking client/client matter, show/hide requestor name, dashboard view settings, etc.
  • Auto assignment option – allows you to turn on/off the ability for team members to self-assign requests
  • Control permissions for knowledge base permissions
  • Set “Notes” access to control who sees notes
  • Change order of your "Request Types" so you can see them in the order you prefer
  • Custom fields – Need different fields for tracking and analysis? No problem. Quatrove’s custom fields features allow to you add and track custom data fields at any time.
  • Manage – add, delete, modify – clients, client matters, practice groups and users all without the need to wait for IT availability

Create requests via email

Automatic integrations with Microsoft Outlook and other email platforms allows requests to be automatically uploaded in Quatrove’s system. Attorneys can use their regular work email to send requests to the library team. They can do everything through email – create a request, reply to questions from the library about their request, receive request updates, and receive their answer – all without ever logging into Quatrove.

Easy, fast reports

Quatrove comes with a number of built-in, ready to use, “easy” button reports. You can quickly customize the reports so they generate the information you want and need.

  • Reports you want are just one click away – choose to generate by practice group, selected date range, specific date, specific user, all users, request type, due date, requested date, etc.
  • Ability to generate reports at the most granular level, monthly, weekly or daily.
  • Ability to export the reports to ANY format you want (pdf, csv, excel, rtf, docx, flash, odt, ods, xlxs).

A relevant, “real” knowledge base

Quatrove serves as your law firm’s own “vetted” knowledge base – a real, relevant database of your firm’s own work and expertise. It’s your place and way to collaborate and share expertise throughout the firm. Here are just some of the ways you can use your KB:

  • Tagging feature – tagging allows team members to quickly categorize KB content in meaningful and multiple ways that can easily be searched and used by others
  • “Private” and “Public” knowledge bases for team members only (Private) or for everybody at the firm (Public)
  • Resource awareness – Your KB helps new team members understand what resources to use by seeing resources successfully used by other team members
  • First stop for answers to commonly requested items
  • Search and find what other people did for a similar or same request
  • Promote collaboration and sharing of expertise through your KB
  • Search for any request or knowledge base by any parameter there is in the system. Find what you are looking for quickly and easily – and never lose anything!

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